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Milgard Windows and Doors

With over 3000 employees and in business over 50 years, Milgard is a recognized leader in replacement windows and doors both vinyl and fiberglass. Milgard doesn’t outsource any of its components and is proud to manufacture its own insulated glass units, vinyl, frames, and produce its own tempered glass giving them the tightest control over quality of every finished product.

3 Main Types of Milgard Windows

  1. Milgard Aluminum Windows
  2. Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Windows
  3. Milgard Fiberglass Windows

Energy Efficiency

Milgard windows are energy compliant and have 2 upgrades that can be applied.

  1. Suncoat

  2. Suncoat Max

The Suncoat option increases the energy efficiency of the window 10% by applying a lowe3 coating to the glass surface. This coating reduces outdoor heat in summer by up to 84% and retains heat inside during the winter. As well, UV rays are reduced by 84% to stop fading of carpets and furniture in your home.

The Suncoat Max increases the energy efficiency by 23% over the existing standard Tuscany window while reducing UV rays by up to 95%.


Milgard windows come with a lifetime warranty and a lifetime glass breakage warranty. Acts of God including weather events and earthquakes would come under your home insurance and not part of the Milgard glass breakage warranty.


Since Milgard has been in business over 40 years and is a recognized name brand, expect to pay more on average. Pricing usually runs somewhere between $475 to $575, including labor, materials, and tax from a reputable certified AHMA dealer. Applicable local permits would cost extra, and varies by location.