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Simonton Window and Door Style Options

Simonton Frame Styles

Frame Styles

The DayLight Max series of windows comes with your choice of 4 main border styles including:

  1. Bullnose Frame

  2. Craftsman Frame

  3. Brickmold Frame

  4. Block Frame

The block frame is only used for situations where you have existing wood frame containing single hung, double hung, casement or sliding windows.

The other three frame types are made for homes with existing steel framed windows in stucco.

Simonton Color Choices


While most competitors offer two basic colors for their vinyl (white or Tan), Simonton offers 9 colors to choose from. This sets Simonton apart from its competitors and really lets the customer choose the look they prefer.

The colors you can choose from include:

Cream, Brick, Tan, Adobe, Pine, Driftwood, Chocolate, Bronze, Espresso.

Note: the colors above can only be on the outside of the vinyl window. On the inside the customer must choose between white or tan.

Simonton Grid Options

Grid Options

With the Simonton Daylight Max window series you can choose from flat, sculptured, and v-groove grid systems.

The 5/8” flat grid and 1” sculptured grid is made from a metal piece installed between the 2 panes of sealed glass.

The V-groove is actually machine etched glass which when struck by sunlight can create rainbow affects on nearby walls.

Here is a selection of grid patterns available:

Simonton Decorative Glass

Decorative Glass

Choosing decorative glass creates a stylish look that will make your home unique and provide privacy.

There are 9 types of obscure glass to choose from including:

  1. Rain

  2. Glue Chip

  3. Obscure

  4. Solarcool Bronze

  5. Bronze Tint

  6. Grey Tint

  7. Flemish

  8. Delta Frost

  9. Reed