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Simonton Windows and Doors

Having been in business since 1946, Simonton windows and Doors is a recognized leader in the vinyl replacement business. With a full line of energy star compliant products, Simonton delivers superior performance, thermal efficiency and long lasting beauty at a competitive price.

Daylight Max 7300 series Vinyl Windows

With the Daylight Max 7300 series of vinyl windows, you can expect less frame and more glass then any other vinyl window on the market. With a 2 7/8” frame depth, Daylight Max windows may not require you to replace your existing window treatments because their frame depth is not as thick as most competitors. Up against other manufacturers of vinyl windows, Simonton’s Daylight Max replacement windows have up to 40% more glass!

Energy Efficiency


A windows U-Value makes it easy to compare its performance against other brands. The lower the U–Value the more efficient the window is overall. The Daylight Max series has a U-Value of .29 while many competitors rate at .35 making them less efficient then Simonton.


The Daylight Max series comes standard with double strength Lowe366 glass. This reflects heat back out during the summer and keeps heat in during the winter months. An additional option that can be added is Argon Gas. This invisible gas is injected between the two sealed panes of glass and is six times denser then air making it an excellent insulator.


The Power Seal Spacer System comes standard with Daylight Max windows and includes the Intercept U channel spacer, which maintains an airtight seal. The Super Spacer is made from non metallic foam and is temperature transfer resistant.


All Simonton products come with a Residential Lifetime Limited Warranty and Accidental Glass Breakage Warranty. With the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry three years in a row, choosing Simonton for your next remodeling project just makes sense.


Simonton has been in business since 1946 and is a recognized leader in vinyl replacement windows and doors. Pricing usually runs somewhere between $425 to $525, including labor, materials, and tax from a reputable certified AHMA dealer. Applicable local permits would cost extra, and varies by location.